A head rest can not give support to your neck when traveling
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Neck Support Pillows for Travel

Many of us love to leave our everyday lives and head to a far-away destination. Whether we hit the open road in the car or hop on a train, bus, or plane, there’s a wonderful freedom and excitement that comes from going to new places and meeting new people. Others spend time traveling to familiar places to see family and old friends, and welcome reunions after time spent apart. But, sometimes the idea of travel is less than welcome, due to neck or back pain that can occur when in transit. Because the back and neck are often trapped in one position, any existing conditions can be aggravated. Even if you don’t normally suffer from neck pain, sitting still for an extended period of time can cause tension in the neck muscles and lead to discomfort.
Fortunately, there are neck support pillows for travel that can help. Perhaps you’ve tried one and not felt any noticeable difference. This could be because many of the support pillows on the market are inadequately designed, or made of materials that don’t offer enough support. For example, the small U-shaped neck support pillows sold in airports are not sufficient. Neither are the grain-filled microwaveable neck support pillows  found in craft stores. For travel that will stretch over several hours, a person who suffers from neck pain needs a well-designed therapeutic cervical support.

The Right Neck Support Pillows

For correct support, neck support pillows should be cylindrical, and must be no more than four inches in diameter. CBC’s Marketplace did a study in 1998 on the importance of headrests.  They found many cars headrests had improper positioning and insufficient head/neck support. Studies showed that the space between the neck curve and headrest is about four inches.  This space increases the impact if in an accident. Always make sure that your car headrest is adjusted properly before settling in for the ride. The headrest should be high enough and close enough to catch your head, and not facing downward.  For your safety and comfort be sure to fill the four inch space using a cylindrical roll.
If you suffer from neck pain or back strain, you may find traveling by car uncomfortable. Yet many of us have to commute long distances to work, or need to travel to perform job duties. Truckers, bus drivers, those in sales, itinerant teachers, consultants, and many other types of employees may spend most of their days driving or riding in cars. There are several types of travel neck support pillows on the market, but it can be difficult to know how to choose the right one.

Choosing the Right Neck Support Pillows for Travel

A travel support neck rest pillow should fit into the natural curve of the neck. The support rest should be equipped with a way to fasten it to the back of the seat, for safety. This is especially important in a motor vehicle, where good neck support can prevent injury in case of accident.
The neck support pillow should be made of material that will retain its resiliency, and will remain durable. It should be firm, yet soft enough to provide comfort.  Ideally, your neck support pillow should be cylindrical, weigh less than a half-pound, and easily transfer between vehicles.
The best types of neck support pillows for travel are also machine washable and can be popped in the dryer. This ensures not only that caring for your support pillow is simple, but keeps it fresh and clean.
Other tips for avoiding neck and back pain while traveling can be found at Spine-Health.com
Find the right support pillow, and minimize neck discomfort while traveling. You’ll find that your neck support pillows for travel make every trip a pleasure.
Extra Bonus on a travel roll:
If you develope a headache, neck pain you can use the roll to stretch the neck muscles relieving the tension causing the pain.

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